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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying mathematics, students develop knowledge, and understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving processes.

Mathematics classes at Queanbeyan High School provide comprehensive and innovative programs that cater to the needs of all students with the view of developing and expanding their knowledge, skills and interest so that they may become more successful in their future, chosen pathways. These pathways range from trade orientated work to highly abstract and creative courses at university level. Our Mathematics programs include a variety of practical tasks, online resources and videos to further comprehension, as well as more formal skill acquisition and practice.

Currently, the Years 7 – 10 Mathematics syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

In Year 11 and 12, the study of mathematics is optional. Courses offered include:

  • Mathematics Advanced 
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Standard 1
  • Mathematics Standard 2

In 2024, Years 7 and 9, will be embarking on the new Mathematics syllabus for NSW schools. This new syllabus has one overarching working mathematically outcome and is structured so that students may select a pathway for future study that suits both their level of ability and requirements for the Stage 6 Mathematics courses.

The new course organises topics under the broad headings:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Space
  • Statistics and Probability

More detail about this new course can be found via this link:


In 2024, Years 8 and 10 will still be following the current course. This means that they will be completing their current Stage (Stage 4 or Stage 5 Mathematics) within the same course framework. For Year 10, this involves the streamed 5.1/5.2 and 5.2/5.3 courses which recognise varying abilities, application and the future pathways of students, including movement into the current Stage 6 courses for Mathematics.

From 2025, all students in Years 7 -10 will be following the new course structure.

At Queanbeyan High School, students will be placed into a Year 9 Mathematics class based on a combination of their results throughout the Stage 4 course (Years 7& 8) and teacher observation and recommendation, with the ultimate aim of developing a student’s competence in, and confidence towards, Mathematics. In the new course, these Year 9 and Year 10 classes will follow either a Core/Standard or Core/Advanced pathway.

Depending on performance, engagement and aspiration, students are able to move between the classes throughout Years 9 and 10 after consultation with their teacher and the Head Teacher of Mathematics. 

Assessments in Mathematics include: topic tests; assignments or investigations with specific applications to the real world and/or incorporating practical activities; activities via specific online sites; and formal examinations.

Teachers within the Mathematics Faculty are enthusiastic in their approach to the subject area and aim to communicate that enthusiasm to students.